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Engage Missionally in Our City

One of our big aims as a church is to inspire, empower and network people to engage in serving within community.

Why: Because we believe that God is at work in our city and that we’ve been called to join in what He’s doing. Jesus tells us, “As the Father has sent me, I am sending you” (John 20:21, NIV). As a church, we are striving to discover what it means to live as God’s missionary people here in this place where He’s planted us. We want to keep learning how to be faithful to this calling in our real, day-to-day lives.

How: We believe there are many ways that we could choose to get involved in what God is doing in our city. However, we’re pretty convinced that we haven’t been called to do this by developing a bunch of new church-run programs. Instead, we believe God is calling us to focus on empowering, equipping, and releasing people within our church to join in God’s mission in the Edmonton area. We are confident that, if we are truly going deep with Jesus as a church, we will see an increase in the amount of vision and passion people have to share God’s blessing with those around them. We are eager to share the stories of what God is doing through our people in our community and to celebrate together.

We aim to empower, equip, and release the Central family to develop ministry initiatives around three key themes:

  • PLACES: We are excited to see people come together around a shared desire to impact "places"—neighbourhoods, schools, housing complexes, etc. In taking place seriously, we follow the example of Jesus, who “became flesh and dwelt among us” (John 1:14). We desire to invest in the places where our congregation gathers to worship, where we live, and where we see God at work in our community.
  • PARTNERSHIPS: We realize that we don't have to do everything in our city. We needn't duplicate the good work that others are already doing. Sometimes what individuals or GROUPS in our church need is simply to be provided some ready-made onramps for getting engaged. With this in mind, we have developed partnerships with several great non-profits and ministries in our community.
  • PASSIONS: Our church includes a number of incredible people who caught a passion for something and played key roles in birthing innovative new ministry initiatives. We desire to encourage more of this. Basically, we aim to foster a “Kingdom Entrepreneurship” culture. We want to be the sort of supportive community in which Kingdom Entrepreneurship endeavours can incubate and flourish.
  • When you really boil it down, all of these initiatives provide great avenues for impacting PEOPLE. We believe that God loves people. He desires to see people experience freedom from the things that bind them and healing of their brokenness. He wants to fill their lives with His life and light. We want to join Him by actively expressing the love and hope of Jesus to people throughout our community.

If you’d like to explore opportunities for getting involved, feel free to contact Pastor Cory Seibel.

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