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A growing number of people within our church family are coming together around a shared desire to impact "places"—neighbourhoods, schools, housing complexes, etc. In taking place seriously, we follow the example of Jesus, who “became flesh and dwelt among us” (John 1:14).

One way that we are striving to express this commitment is by seeking the wellbeing of the neighbourhoods in which our church family gathers to worship through partnerships with local schools, community leagues, and other partner organizations. Central family members who live in these communities are taking the lead in helping us nurture strong ties with our neighbours. Several of our GROUPS have begun to get actively involved in blessing these neighbourhoods.

In addition, we are excited when people catch a vision for other places in our metro area—the neighbourhoods in which they live, where their GROUPS gather, or where certain needs are concentrated. As a church, we are eager to support these initiatives and hope to see more of them spring up.

To learn more about investing in the places where you live, work, or worship, please contact Pastor Cory Seibel.