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An Opportunity to Engage

At Central, one of our big aims is to inspire, empower and network people to get engaged in our community by serving others. As we journey together in response to God’s call, we are discovering a variety of meaningful ways to live out this commitment.

This year, we are excited to express this commitment by launching YEG16, a mission trip to Edmonton. Scheduled for Monday, August 15th through Saturday, August 20th, this 6-day mission experience will allow us to work in close cooperation with some of our valued local ministry partners, including PALM Ministries, The Mustard Seed, and the Tegler Youth Centre.

What You’ll Experience

YEG16 participants will spend the week serving in hands-on ways. Monday through Thursday will be spent serving alongside the ministry teams at PALM and the Mustard Seed. Then, on Friday and Saturday, we will link up with the Tegler Youth Centre in the Beverly neighbourhood.

Over the course of the YEG16 experience, you will have an opportunity to discover more about how God is at work in our city. Along the way, you also will be provided many opportunities to be stretched spiritually and to develop lasting connections with other members of the Central family. And at the conclusion of each day, you’ll be able to sleep in your own bed!

We hope to see people of all ages participate in this mission experience. Regardless of your age or ability level, YEG16 will include opportunities to get involved that you’ll find meaningful and “doable.”

Application Information

Because participation in YEG16 won’t involve big expenses for travel or lodging, the costs to participate are very modest: only $125.00 per participant!

To access the application form, please click here (Note: this form is also available at the Welcome Centre). The application deadline is Friday, July 15th.

If you have any questions or would like further information, feel free to contact Pastor Cory Seibel at [email protected] or 780-466-7461 to learn more.

Something for Everyone!

For those who aren’t able to commit to the entire week, there will be a one-day opportunity to serve at the week’s end. On Saturday the 20th, we will help conduct a community festival in the Beverly neighbourhood in partnership with the Tegler Centre. This will be a fun, activity-filled day and a great way to conclude the YEG16 experience. People from across the life of our church family will be invited to come out that day to serve and to share in the fun. Stay tuned for more details on this!