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GROUPS (ages 18 & over)

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To learn more about GROUPS at Central and why we believe they're so important, check out this sermon video and the other GROUPS videos below.

Throughout the teaching of Jesus and the Bible as a whole it is clear that relationships are what life is really all about. Jesus says the most important Old Testament laws are to love God with everything we have and to love other people as we love ourselves. And throughout the New Testament we see that really the “church” was not a building or an organization. Instead it was (and is) an ever-extending network of relationships of people who are seeking to surrender to God’s loving rule in their lives, to truly allow Jesus to be Lord.

And so it is our strong conviction that the best place to grow in our love for God and other people is in the place of true, deep, growing relationships. This is really what GROUPS are all about. Our approach is simple and open. We believe GROUPS truly thrive when they actively and creatively live out worship, community, and mission.

Worship. Whenever we meet, our desire is that we would come to know in greater and greater ways the truth and love of the God of the universe. Living out worship in GROUPS means pursuing relationship with God together. It means more than a pursuit of head knowledge, more than religious exercises and definitely more than an individual focus. As we track with all kinds of different people in GROUPS, our goal is to keep the pursuit of relationship with God through Jesus as our primary focus.

Community. We believe that truly shared lives is the place where spiritual growth can occur. Community means more than being in the same space. It means being open, honest, truthful, and vulnerable with each other, moving past formality and ritualistic relationships. It means loving each other like Jesus loves us – who came to not be served but to serve. Sharing our lives means actually being the people of God.

Mission. Jesus was a man on a mission continually moving, continually seeking to invite people into the Kingdom of God. And so we seek to enfold others into our lives. Doing mission together means we grow a special active love for those who believe differently than us. It means we intentionally move away from an “us versus them” mentality, and we see ourselves as existing for the benefit of those who are not part of our group, especially the needy, the unchurched, and those with different beliefs. Put simply, mission means we share our lives with others, we serve others, and we love others with the hope that they would come to know and love Jesus.


To sign up for a GROUP, click here! If you'd like to talk with someone more about GROUPS, please contact Jon.